Welcome to Infinity Labs. We are part of the next generation of entrepreneurial technology companies that have embraced the challenges of the digital age. We have a corporate culture that energizes our workforce and encourages everyone to welcome new ideas and act on their inspirations. The status quo has no hold on us.


We are an innovation-focused firm that fosters an entrepreneurial mindset to solve the world's hardest problems.


The future requires the global community to imagine the unimaginable and to deliver capabilities that aggregate and act on information across all domains simultaneously. At Infinity Labs, we investigate new technologies and concepts that are capable of disrupting future environments. There are no limits.

Our Core Values


At Infinity, our culture revolves around what's best for the humans in the loop. From some of the best regional benefits, our competitive compensation, to our employee inspired and led innovation-focused culture, you are always a part of the process.

Treat employees like they make a difference, and they will.

— Jim Goodnight



We’re actively working to become the epicenter for transformational, multidisciplinary, system-of-systems technology solutions. Our corporate strategic thrust areas are deliberately aligned with the National Defense Strategy.

Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

— Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi



Though a noun, entrepreneurship acts like a verb. This active and forward-leaning approach to business requires an appetite for prudent risk and failing fast. As entrepreneurs, we often head out into uncharted waters with incomplete maps and little more than the stars to help us navigate the opportunity space. As a company, we see ample opportunity across the spectrum of ideation from transformational concepts to revolutionary minor advancements. We appreciate new technologies and those with the drive to build new things even if they are hard. Especially if they are hard.

Pirates don’t convene a committee meeting to decide what to do—they strike quickly, break rules, and take risks. And you need this buccaneering spirit to survive when the cannonballs are flying, and the odds are against you.

— Reid Hoffman



Disruption is a mindset. We like the way New York University Stern School of Business Professor and Best-Selling author, Luke Williams, sees the landscape:

…I’m talking about a way of thinking that surprises the market again and again with exciting, unexpected solutions. A way of thinking that produces an unconventional strategy that leaves competitors scrambling to catch up. A way of thinking that turns consumer expectations upside down and takes an industry into its next generation.

— Luke Williams

Our Value Proposition
  • We focus on big leaps not incremental advancements.
  • Our corporate culture energizes our workforce and encourages everyone to welcome new ideas and act on their inspirations.
  • The status quo has no hold on us.
  • Corporate structure and benefits are designed around and for you.
  • We accept prudent risk.
  • Our failures offer opportunities to see new paths.
Leadership Team
Headshot of Dr. Ken Edge, Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ken Edge

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Joe Kirby, Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer

Joe Kirby

Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer

Headshot of Jason Molnar, Co-Founder | Chief Strategy Officer

Jason Molnar

Co-Founder | Chief Strategy Officer

Headshot of Dr. Nick Kuprowicz, Co-Founder | Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Nick Kuprowicz

Co-Founder | Chief Innovation Officer

Headshot of Kurt Glendenning, Co-Founder | Chief Product Officer

Kurt Glendenning

Co-Founder | Chief Product Officer

Headshot of Nick Marquart, Co-Founder | Chief Analytics Officer

Nick Marquart

Co-Founder | Chief Analytics Officer

Headshot of Brian Fuesz, Chief Engineer, Modeling & Simulation

Brian Fuesz

Chief Engineer, Modeling & Simulation

Headshot of Stephen Sieck, Division Lead, Transformational Technologies

Stephen Sieck

Division Lead, Transformational Technologies

Headshot of Jeremiah Miller, Division Lead, Software Solutions

Jeremiah Miller

Division Lead, Software Solutions

Headshot of Kenton Brazelle, Huntsville, AL Operations Lead

Kenton Brazelle

Huntsville, AL Operations Lead


Our commitment to innovation is ingrained in our culture and extends to all parts of our business. At Infinity Labs we provide a unique environment for teams of personnel to think disruptively and create novel concepts and prototypes that push boundaries. We have several innovation Crews that are pioneering solutions for next-generation products and business growth. The high-functioning ideation engine of our company is defined by the Crews and integrated into our leading-edge capabilities.