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2022 Rookie Business of the year

In another corporate milestone, Infinity Labs received the 2022 Dayton Business Journal ‘Rookie Business of the Year’ award as part of the publication’s annual Business of the Year program. According to the nomination requirements, a “rookie” business is one operating within the first five years of incorporation. Accepting the award on behalf of the company, Chief Product Officer, Kurt Glendenning, highlighted the excitement and meaningfulness of the honor as one of many on the Infinity team hailing from the area. According to Glendenning, “as someone who was born in Dayton, Ohio, raised in Vandalia, a graduate of Butler High School, and a two-time grad from Wright State University, I could not be more personally proud of this achievement and honored to accept this award on behalf of our company.” Glendenning went on to thank Infinity employees for the hard work and their families for the steadfast support stating, “they are the ones that truly give Infinity Labs its reputation and provide the backbone to enable us to realize our vision with the company.”

Infinity would also like to recognize the Dayton Business Journal for the marketing and advocacy they continually provide for local businesses as it their support and platform the helps drive top notch talent to our team.

Dayton Business Journal 2022 Rookie Business of the Year Winners

Pictured left to right, Nick Marquart, Amanda Marquart, Alina Glendenning, and Kurt Glendenning

Kurt Glendenning accept the 2022 ‘Rookie Business of the Year’ award

Kurt’s excited about the trophy!


Infinity Labs proudly accepts the honor of being the 2022 Dayton Business Journal ‘Best Place to Work’ category winner. The 24 Ohio employees responded unanimously with top scores and feedback in every conceivable category. Of particular importance, Infinity’s Ohio-based team cited “constant clear and transparent communication”, the best rated benefits and incentives of any company in the micro business category, and top rated senior leader engagement and trust. Several Infinity employees also noted peer comparisons with friends and/or colleagues at other companies made them appreciate the many every day-to-day benefits including variety of challenging work, innovative brainstorming sessions, and “fundamental sense of community across multiple work environments and locations.”

You can read the Dayton Business Journal’s writeup on our award here.

You can read the Dayton Business Journal’s 2022 Best Places to Work feature article on Infinity Labs here.

When Vision Meets Community: The Power House Project

Infinity Labs is proud to share our vision to build a world class R&D and prototyping facility in Dayton, Ohio. As part of Infinity’s commitment to the Gem City and Ohio, the Power House will serve as a catalyst for economic growth and workforce development among census tracts in need of attention and development. As a central pillar in the vision, Infinity will build and scale local technical talent with support from many valued partners including local, regional, and state organizations, businesses, and universities. Through the help of these partners and organizations like Jobs Ohio, Infinity Labs sees an opportunity to make Dayton a national leader in community-based job training, upskilling for job growth and the reduction of economic disparities through purposeful and deliberate workforce development. Future updates on this project are forthcoming and will be available in the ‘news’ section of our website.

Below is an artistic rendering showing the future of the Power House exterior juxtaposed against the current state of the building. It’s going to be a phenomenal amount of work but is a challenge we’re passionate about pursuing.

Infinity Lab's vision for a Dayton Ohio R&D facility that is world class.

For information specific to the company’s 2021 Priority Development and Advocacy Committee (PDAC) application, please review the Dayton Business Journal article link here.

2021 Business of the Year Award

Infinity Labs is pleased to announce the company’s selection as a 2021 Dayton Business Journal Business of the Year for the ‘Veteran-owned’ business category. With an awards ceremony on Veteran’s Day, Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Molnar, an Army veteran himself, proudly accepted the award on behalf of the company at the black-tie gala held at Dayton’s Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center. In his speech, Molnar thanked Infinity Labs employees reminding the audience that starting the company “was and has always been about them.” Further, Molnar highlighted the company’s plans to build on the successes of 2020 and 2021 with a transformational year in 2022.

Infinity would also like to recognize the talented staff and news team at the Dayton Business Journal whose tireless efforts to put businesses first and recognize entrepreneurs in the region, is second to none. Also of note, Infinity was a finalist in the ‘Rookie’ business category as well.

AFSIM Training & Ohio TechCred

We are excited to announce our inclusion into the Ohio TechCred website as a training provider for both the AFSIM User and Developer Training certificate courses. Our AFSIM training courses have been a resounding success and we hope this allows defense contractors to get even more of their workforce trained on these vital skills required across many DoD programs and beyond. This is a great benefit to many companies wanting to improve their workforce skills through reimbursable training.

For existing TechCred participants, you can find us under AFSIM within the credential list by visiting the TechCred credential list here, and searching for AFSIM.

If you’re an Ohio business not currently enrolled in the program, we encourage you to visit the TechCred website. The program allows businesses to identify skills needed for their workforce, partner with a credential provider and apply for reimbursable credential training. To learn more about the process involved, please see TechCred’s About page.

Be sure to check out our AFSIM Training page for upcoming classes and get registered. We hope to see you there!

2021 Business of the Year Honoree

We’re proud to be a 2021 ‘Business of the Year’ honoree in two distinct categories; ‘Rookie Business’ and ‘Veteran Business’ of the Year. None of this recognition is possible or remotely achievable without the heart and soul of the company, our wonderfully energized and dedicated employees.

Honorees are selected by a combination of guest judges and the Dayton Business Journal Editorial Board. Category winners are selected by a panel of outside judges. Category winners and the overall ‘Business of the Year’ winner will be announced at the black-tie gala hosted by the Dayton Business Journal on November 11th, 2021. We’ll see you there!

You can read the official announcement in the Dayton Business Journal here.

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2021 ‘Best Place to Work’ honoree

After just one year in business, we are humbled to have been named a 2021 ‘Best Place to Work’ honoree in the Dayton, Ohio region. We’re so incredibly fortunate to have the people whose passion for transformative R&D and disruptive science acceleration shines so brightly in both their work and their enthusiasm for the culture and company we’re building together.

The feedback from the third party administered surveys indicated employees sincerely appreciate the gold-plated health benefits, the generous retirement benefits, and the opportunities to pursue their own ideas without limits. We would like to thank the the entire Infinity Labs team that makes it possible as well as the Dayton Business Journal for the shepherding of the nomination and award processes and are looking forward to 2022’s event!

You can read the Dayton Business Journal’s writeup on our award here.

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Agility Prime Phase II Awards

We are excited to announce not only one but two Agility Prime Phase II awards! The first effort will focus on Urban Air Mobility for satellite communications connectivity while the second effort will focus on emerging battery technologies.

We are confident that the technologies and toolsets we’re working on to support the UAM network bring significant value-added to eVTOL primes as well as other users in both the commercial and defense sectors. In total, these awards account for nearly $1.5M in funding over a 15 month period-of-performance. As a two-time Agility Prime Phase II awardee, this is an honor we do not take lightly and remain humbled at AFWERX’s confidence in our technical understanding and approach. These awards expand the company’s R&D bonafides, infrastructure, and innovative mindset to solve the world’s hardest problems.

Check out the Dayton Daily News article about our SATCOM work here.

Check out the Dayton Daily News article about our battery work here.

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