Who we are

Innovators. Entrepreneurs. Creators. ™

Our Mission

Infinity Labs was founded to reinvent the very nature of innovation. Innovation is part of our corporate DNA. We are driven to provide revolutionary advances in the ability to analyze and solve complex problems in an ever-evolving, systems-driven world.

We work on the hardest problems in national defense. The future of warfare requires the defense community to imagine the unimaginable and to deliver capabilities that aggregate and act on information across all warfighting domains simultaneously. At Infinity Labs, we investigate new technologies and operational concepts that are capable of disrupting future warfare environments. There are no limits.

Our Philosophy

We are part of the next generation of entrepreneurial technology companies that have embraced the challenges of the digital age. We have a corporate culture that energizes our workforce and encourages everyone to welcome new ideas and act on their inspirations. The status quo has no hold on us.

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