Infinity Labs LLC Challenges the Status Quo

(see the Dayton Business Journal for the BizSpotlight article published on 7/16/2020)

New capabilities provider and entrepreneurial technology company Infinity Labs LLC plans to intensify and accelerate the innovation renaissance occurring in the Dayton region.

Amidst the many defense firms surrounding Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Infinity Labs aspires to stand out among the crowded landscape. Unique in the defense and aerospace ecosystem by promoting both radical innovation and entrepreneurship as founding principles, Infinity seeks to solve complex problems through invigorating and inspiring creators. According to Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ken Edge, “While other companies may provide engineering solutions that address customer requests, our company designs, builds, and implements enduring capabilities to solve the problem beyond the problem that is, the issue customers have yet to identify or anticipate. Engineers are naturally problem solvers, so why limit their creativity and innovation to fit inside a proposal response when the alternative is often transformational.

Infinity Labs was founded in Dayton, OH by seven members: three U.S. military veterans (Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps) each with significant cyber, Department of Defense, and industry experience; a former Federal civilian from the Air Force Research Laboratory with multiple decades of experience in multidisciplinary technologies; and three distinguished experts in system-of-systems modeling, simulation, and analysis. Since beginning national operations, Infinity Labs has hit the ground running. “We knew there would be interest in our company and its capabilities, but to receive such a steady surge of attention, a constant stream of inquiries, and hundreds of job applicants since our launch has been really motivating” according to Chief Disruption Officer, Jason Klein.

With entrepreneurship and radical innovation at its core, Infinity invests in revolutionary ideas and technologies with disruptive potential. The company views technological advancements strategically, through the lens of National Defense Strategy, and recognizes that the creation of transformational capabilities requires the embrace of unorthodox approaches. At Infinity, employees are encouraged (and trained) to think holistically and to attack problems from all possible viewpoints. According to the innovation architect within the company, Dr. Nick Kuprowicz, “Innovation occurs at the interfaces. It is fundamentally driven by new connections between disciplines, organizations, and perspectives. The modern defense ecosystem has embraced this culture of integration, and at Infinity Labs we are taking it to the extreme. We don’t just think outside of the box. We destroy the box.

If you too are a status quo destroyer and would like to work with Infinity, please get in touch here.

Infinity Labs LLC cofounders from left to right: Nick Marquart, Joe Kirby, Jason Molnar, Dr. Ken Edge, Dr. Nick Kuprowicz, Kurt Glendenning, and Jason Klein at Warped Wing brewery celebrating innovation in Dayton at the company launch.
As a commitment to other local businesses, and in recognition of the prominent role the Dayton region has in driving aerospace and defense innovation, the founding members of Infinity Labs celebrated the official launch of the company at the Warped Wing Brewing Company in downtown Dayton. Pictured from left-to-right co-founders Nick Marquart, Joe Kirby, Jason Molnar, Dr. Ken Edge, Dr. Nick Kuprowicz, Kurt Glendenning, and Jason Klein.