2022 Rookie Business of the year

In another corporate milestone, Infinity Labs received the 2022 Dayton Business Journal ‘Rookie Business of the Year’ award as part of the publication’s annual Business of the Year program. According to the nomination requirements, a “rookie” business is one operating within the first five years of incorporation. Accepting the award on behalf of the company, Chief Product Officer, Kurt Glendenning, highlighted the excitement and meaningfulness of the honor as one of many on the Infinity team hailing from the area. According to Glendenning, “as someone who was born in Dayton, Ohio, raised in Vandalia, a graduate of Butler High School, and a two-time grad from Wright State University, I could not be more personally proud of this achievement and honored to accept this award on behalf of our company.” Glendenning went on to thank Infinity employees for the hard work and their families for the steadfast support stating, “they are the ones that truly give Infinity Labs its reputation and provide the backbone to enable us to realize our vision with the company.”

Infinity would also like to recognize the Dayton Business Journal for the marketing and advocacy they continually provide for local businesses as it their support and platform the helps drive top notch talent to our team.

Dayton Business Journal 2022 Rookie Business of the Year Winners

Pictured left to right, Nick Marquart, Amanda Marquart, Alina Glendenning, and Kurt Glendenning

Kurt Glendenning accept the 2022 ‘Rookie Business of the Year’ award

Kurt’s excited about the trophy!


Infinity Labs proudly accepts the honor of being the 2022 Dayton Business Journal ‘Best Place to Work’ category winner. The 24 Ohio employees responded unanimously with top scores and feedback in every conceivable category. Of particular importance, Infinity’s Ohio-based team cited “constant clear and transparent communication”, the best rated benefits and incentives of any company in the micro business category, and top rated senior leader engagement and trust. Several Infinity employees also noted peer comparisons with friends and/or colleagues at other companies made them appreciate the many every day-to-day benefits including variety of challenging work, innovative brainstorming sessions, and “fundamental sense of community across multiple work environments and locations.”

You can read the Dayton Business Journal’s writeup on our award here.

You can read the Dayton Business Journal’s 2022 Best Places to Work feature article on Infinity Labs here.

2021 Business of the Year Honoree

We’re proud to be a 2021 ‘Business of the Year’ honoree in two distinct categories; ‘Rookie Business’ and ‘Veteran Business’ of the Year. None of this recognition is possible or remotely achievable without the heart and soul of the company, our wonderfully energized and dedicated employees.

Honorees are selected by a combination of guest judges and the Dayton Business Journal Editorial Board. Category winners are selected by a panel of outside judges. Category winners and the overall ‘Business of the Year’ winner will be announced at the black-tie gala hosted by the Dayton Business Journal on November 11th, 2021. We’ll see you there!

You can read the official announcement in the Dayton Business Journal here.

Interested in joining this great organization? Check out our career page here.

An unmanned mobility transport landing.

Digital Acquisition Meets Urban Air Mobility

We’re excited to announce our award of three research contracts from the U.S. Air Force as part of Agility Prime, a non-traditional program to accelerate the commercial market for advanced air mobility vehicles.

The research addresses emerging technology needs and ecosystem-wide capabilities in three key areas: (i) enterprise optimization of urban air mobility satellite communications; (ii) lifecycle tradespace analysis of emerging urban air mobility battery technologies; and (iii) immersive 3D auditory perception in urban air mobility operating environments. Infinity Labs is teamed with The Ohio State University in all efforts.

The solutions being developed by the Infinity Labs team are geared toward “big picture” understanding of synergies amongst enabling technologies, vehicle platforms, and system-of-system implications of commercial and military operations. In addition to addressing specific research questions as part of Agility Prime, the Infinity Labs team will be creating a flexible and open analytical framework that effectively brings digital acquisition tools and methodologies to the urban air mobility market.

In addition to The Ohio State University, the Infinity Labs team also includes Ansys – the global leader in engineering simulation. Scott Granger, Director for USAF Programs at Ansys states, “Ansys is proud to collaborate with Infinity Labs on Agility Prime and push the boundaries of innovation. Digital engineering is a core tenant to Air Force strategy and building virtual twins of UAMs with Infinity Labs will help demonstrate the value of modeling & simulation.

Infinity Labs is grateful for the support from our research and industrial partners and the sponsorship from the Air Force Research Laboratory. We would also like to thank Dr. Will Roper, SAF/AQ, whose visionary leadership continues to inspire and enable innovators throughout the defense community.

Infinity Labs is an innovation-focused defense firm based in Dayton, Ohio that fosters an entrepreneurial mindset to solve our nation’s hardest problems. Want to learn more? Check out the rest of our website.

Infinity Labs is proud to announce our affiliation and membership with the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C).

Quantum Economic Development Consortium Announcement

We’re proud to announce our affiliation and membership with the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C).

The QED-C is a consortium of stakeholders that aims to enable and grow the U.S. quantum industry. QED-C was established with support from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as part of the Federal strategy for advancing quantum information science. Infinity Labs is proud to be a charter member of the quantum consortium and is eager to work with the community on next-generation challenges and opportunities.

At Infinity Labs, we don’t run from a challenge but rather, we run into it. Do you also enjoy a challenge? Join us!

Infinity Labs LLC cofounders from left to right: Nick Marquart, Joe Kirby, Jason Molnar, Dr. Ken Edge, Dr. Nick Kuprowicz, Kurt Glendenning, and Jason Klein at Warped Wing brewery celebrating innovation in Dayton at the company launch.

Infinity Labs LLC Challenges the Status Quo

(see the Dayton Business Journal for the BizSpotlight article published on 7/16/2020)

New capabilities provider and entrepreneurial technology company Infinity Labs LLC plans to intensify and accelerate the innovation renaissance occurring in the Dayton region.

Amidst the many defense firms surrounding Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Infinity Labs aspires to stand out among the crowded landscape. Unique in the defense and aerospace ecosystem by promoting both radical innovation and entrepreneurship as founding principles, Infinity seeks to solve complex problems through invigorating and inspiring creators. According to Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ken Edge, “While other companies may provide engineering solutions that address customer requests, our company designs, builds, and implements enduring capabilities to solve the problem beyond the problem that is, the issue customers have yet to identify or anticipate. Engineers are naturally problem solvers, so why limit their creativity and innovation to fit inside a proposal response when the alternative is often transformational.

Infinity Labs was founded in Dayton, OH by seven members: three U.S. military veterans (Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps) each with significant cyber, Department of Defense, and industry experience; a former Federal civilian from the Air Force Research Laboratory with multiple decades of experience in multidisciplinary technologies; and three distinguished experts in system-of-systems modeling, simulation, and analysis. Since beginning national operations, Infinity Labs has hit the ground running. “We knew there would be interest in our company and its capabilities, but to receive such a steady surge of attention, a constant stream of inquiries, and hundreds of job applicants since our launch has been really motivating” according to Chief Disruption Officer, Jason Klein.

With entrepreneurship and radical innovation at its core, Infinity invests in revolutionary ideas and technologies with disruptive potential. The company views technological advancements strategically, through the lens of National Defense Strategy, and recognizes that the creation of transformational capabilities requires the embrace of unorthodox approaches. At Infinity, employees are encouraged (and trained) to think holistically and to attack problems from all possible viewpoints. According to the innovation architect within the company, Dr. Nick Kuprowicz, “Innovation occurs at the interfaces. It is fundamentally driven by new connections between disciplines, organizations, and perspectives. The modern defense ecosystem has embraced this culture of integration, and at Infinity Labs we are taking it to the extreme. We don’t just think outside of the box. We destroy the box.

If you too are a status quo destroyer and would like to work with Infinity, please get in touch here.

Infinity Labs LLC cofounders from left to right: Nick Marquart, Joe Kirby, Jason Molnar, Dr. Ken Edge, Dr. Nick Kuprowicz, Kurt Glendenning, and Jason Klein at Warped Wing brewery celebrating innovation in Dayton at the company launch.
As a commitment to other local businesses, and in recognition of the prominent role the Dayton region has in driving aerospace and defense innovation, the founding members of Infinity Labs celebrated the official launch of the company at the Warped Wing Brewing Company in downtown Dayton. Pictured from left-to-right co-founders Nick Marquart, Joe Kirby, Jason Molnar, Dr. Ken Edge, Dr. Nick Kuprowicz, Kurt Glendenning, and Jason Klein.
A photograph of the skyline of Dayton Ohio at dusk.

New beginnings

Today, I am proud to announce the launch of Infinity Labs LLC. I couldn’t be more excited to embark on this journey to build something remarkable with the team we have put together. We are creating a company that will foster the entrepreneurial spirit in our employees to think outside of the box to develop creative solutions to hard problems. The future of warfare involves real-time decision making, utilizing massive amounts of information across multiple domains simultaneously. Infinity Labs is about harnessing the creative powers of our team members to imagine what is currently unimaginable so we can develop tangible solutions to protect our nation’s warfighters.

I am also proud that this company is launching in Dayton, Ohio. Innovation has always been a big part of the history of the region. Every time I visit Carillon Park, the Engineer’s Club, Huffman Prairie, the National Museum of the United States Air Force, or one of the many other historical sites in the area, I am always amazed at the sheer volume of inventions, research, and development that happened here. We believe Infinity Labs will one day be part of that local heritage and would be humbled to be listed among the innovators of the region. We think that there are endless possibilities not just with the impact Infinity Labs can have on the Dayton region, but also with the solutions we will build to help defend our nation.

– Dr. Ken Edge, CEO