AFSIM Training & Ohio TechCred

We are excited to announce our inclusion into the Ohio TechCred website as a training provider for both the AFSIM User and Developer Training certificate courses. Our AFSIM training courses have been a resounding success and we hope this allows defense contractors to get even more of their workforce trained on these vital skills required across many DoD programs and beyond. This is a great benefit to many companies wanting to improve their workforce skills through reimbursable training.

For existing TechCred participants, you can find us under AFSIM within the credential list by visiting the TechCred credential list here, and searching for AFSIM.

If you’re an Ohio business not currently enrolled in the program, we encourage you to visit the TechCred website. The program allows businesses to identify skills needed for their workforce, partner with a credential provider and apply for reimbursable credential training. To learn more about the process involved, please see TechCred’s About page.

Be sure to check out our AFSIM Training page for upcoming classes and get registered. We hope to see you there!